Blog Tour | So Happy For You by Celia Laskey

Thank you to HQ for the opportunity to be part of the blog tour for So Happy For You and sending me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.


Robin and Ellie have been best friends since childhood. They’ve been through everything together, from Robin coming out to the death of Ellie’s dad. But when Ellie asks Robin to be her maid of honour, Robin is reluctant.

It’s not that Robin isn’t happy for Ellie, she just hates everything about weddings and marriage – plus the guy Ellie’s engaged to. There’s also the matter of the crazy (not to mention dangerous) wedding rituals that couples are resorting to in the hope of securing a lifetime of happiness.

Despite her misgivings, Robin finally says yes. But as the wedding day approaches, she gets the feeling that everyone in the bridal party is out to get her. And it seems Ellie is willing to do anything for the perfect day. After all, marriage is about sacrifice…


So Happy For You is an interesting story focused on friendship, weddings and the pressure placed by society on women.

The story is told in two parts and both are told from the perspective of Robin. It begins with a story about the day she was asked to be Maid of Honor, and continues from there documenting her journey.

Split up between Robin reminiscing about the true details of her friendship in the past and the current build up to the wedding, you are truly a part of her world. Her thoughts are well articulated and there is never any second guessing her emotions. I took to her straight away and felt fully invested in the scenario from the outset.

Robin’s past is spoken of in a no hold-barred kind of fashion and I feel like we get to know her extremely well through the course of the book. This helped to further peak my interest and made her feel more three-dimensional. Her life is articulated in such detail that you feel a part of it. Her friendship group, opinions and relationship are all talked of in a no-holds-barred fashion. I found myself drinking in the details and even the obscure discussions, eager to learn more of Robin and her somewhat unorthodox situation.

The bridal party gone bad scenario instantly drew me in and the unusual friendship and continual slight tension and off behaviour between Robin and Ellie was fascinating. The friendship is discussed and analysed in minute detail and the good, the bad and the ugly is fair game, discussed in candid detail.

The raw unacceptance and honest conversations surrounding Robin’s sexuality were quite emotional. Especially the situation with her sister, it definitely made me feel for Robin. A portrayal that felt realistic and honest.

The facts about weddings that were dotted throughout, alongside various traditions were a fab addition and I enjoyed learning some trivia along the way.

There was some animal cruelty involved which was a bit graphic. I found it a bit hard to stomach, so just an F.Y.I to watch out for that, or avoid it entirely if you feel it may be too much for you.

So Happy For You is out now from HQ. You can purchase a copy using the link below, and also help to support independent bookstores.

Note: This is an affiliate link. If you purchase via this link, I’ll get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you.

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