Book Review | Little Nothings by Julie Mayhew

Thank you to Raven books for sending me a proof copy of Little Nothings in exchange for an honest review.


With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Liv Travers never knew real friendship until she met fellow mums Beth and Binnie. The three women become inseparable as they muddle through early parenthood together.

Then along comes Ange. Ambitious, wealthy and somehow able to do it all.

Under Ange’s guiding presence, the group finds new vigour and fresh aspirations – bigger houses, better schools, dinners at exclusive restaurants. But Liv can’t keep up and is increasingly edged out.

When the four families take a three-week trip to a luxurious holiday resort, Liv seizes the opportunity to reclaim her place at the heart of the group, only to discover the true, devastating cost of a friendship with Ange.

Set over the course of a single, life-changing trip to a Greek island paradise, Little Nothings is a sly, suspenseful novel about female bonds turned toxic, and the desperate ends one woman will go to keep her friends close – and her enemy closer.


Little Nothings is an extravagant, toxic, whirlwind full of complex issues and deep rooted drama.

The book combines chapters regarding Liv, Beth, Binnie and Ange’s friendship backstory with the story of the holiday. The intertwined narrative provides a full picture of past and present and I really felt like there was a clear narrative of the situation from beginning to end.

Liv’s perspective provides an insight into not only her own romantic relationship but also her relationship with the other girls, and their ups and downs across both past and present. It feels like you get to know each of the characters, especially Clara, quite well through Liv and they each brought something into the mix.

The back and forth really revealed the depth of the friendship and it’s development. I felt like the novel was an accurate insight into how friendships can easily become toxic. It also shows the lengths people are prepared to go to in order to fit in or to follow the crowd, and what this can do to them.

Predominately in Corfu, I really enjoyed the setting. I’ve never visited but it felt like I was on a summer holiday on the Green Island. The writing felt authentic and I envisaged myself observing the goings on of the Little Nothings.

The story develops well and I really rushed through it, especially towards the end. A thoroughly gripping read!

Little Nothings is out now from Raven books. You can purchase a copy using the link below and also help to support independent bookstores.

Note: This is an affiliate link. If you purchase via this link, I’ll get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you.

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