Book Review | The Chalet by Catherine Cooper

Thank you to Netgalley & HarperCollins for the exclusive invitation to read an advance copy of The Chalet in exchange for an honest review.


Four friends. One luxury getaway. The perfect murder.

‘Pure adrenaline’ ERIN KELLY 
‘I was gripped from start to finish’ CASS GREEN

French Alps, 1998

Two young men ski into a blizzard… but only one returns.

20 years later

Four people connected to the missing man find themselves in that same resort. Each has a secret. Two may have blood on their hands. One is a killer-in-waiting.

Someone knows what really happened that day.

And somebody will pay.

An exciting new debut for anyone who loves Ruth Ware, Lucy Foley, and C.L. Taylor


1998; Will & Adam are on a holiday ski trip with their girlfriends. They go skiing in a blizzard but only one of them is found alive. 2020; Hugo & Ria are on a business ski trip with a client. A body is discovered – the missing man from 1998. The two timelines join through multiple perspectives and someone is out for revenge…

I read this one very quickly, which is always a sure sign of it being a gripping book! It kept me reading as I wanted to find out what happened and how the two sets of seemingly superset characters were going to relate.

The Chalet is a fabulous example of split timelines done well. The story moves backwards and forwards from the two time periods. You learn just enough from each one, whilst still maintaining the suspense. There’s also the inclusion of a diary-style entry which was a nice touch and one that I didn’t expect.

I was fairly impartial to the characters in this book. I didn’t feel any particular way about any of them. This meant I could read through more neutrally but meant that when a situation arose that needed me to feel empathy with a character, I only felt it for the situation.

Personally, I felt I was always waiting for something more with this one. Sadly that something never arrived! This may have been because it was a story of vengeance rather than one of ‘whodunnit’.

Overall, I think The Chalet was a good read and one to watch out for. I feel it would be a great read for a cosy winter’s day, making it’s October release date perfect.

Before I go, I will put in a trigger warning as there is a sexual assault within this book, just one to watch out for/avoid depending.

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Book Review | The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

Huge thanks to Netgalley & Penguin Books UK (Viking) for the advance reader copy, in exchange for an honest review!


In a peaceful retirement village, four unlikely friends meet up once a week to investigate unsolved killings.

But when a local property developer shows up dead, ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ find themselves in the middle of their first live case.

The four friends, Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim and Ron, might be pushing eighty but they still have a few tricks up their sleeves. Can our unorthodox but brilliant gang catch the killer before it’s too late?


Elizabeth, Joyce, Ibrahim & Ron make up ‘The Thursday Murder Club’ – a group of elderly residents in a retirement village who gather (on Thursday’s) to discuss age-old unsolved murders. That is, until a murder or two starts happening on their doorstep and they begin investigating live cases!

This book definitely blew away all of my expectations. I really enjoyed the characters, they were all extremely likeable and each had their own quirks. Joyce’s diary entries scattered throughout were one of my favourite parts of the novel.

Their constant assistance (and occasional hindrance) to the police is equal parts funny as it is astounding. They seem to be able to pull off the impossible thanks to their combined knowledge and connections – it’s easy to forget they’re all elderly residents. Other characters weave in and out of the picture and these only further add to the believable little Kent village in question. I could vividly picture the entire book, thanks to Osman’s fantastic writing and description.

A great, light-hearted read which I think really ticked every box. I’ve been won over by The Thursday Murder Club and am already eagerly anticipating the next book!

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