Why I’ve been absent… Life update!

It’s been over eleven months since I last posted on my blog, and over five months since I posted anything to instagram. I have to be honest and say I have genuinely missed writing on here and posting pictures to the ‘gram. Going out of a weekend and shooting pictures became a really prominent part of my life for a good ten months – a pretty long time!

I haven’t been entirely honest as I was harbouring a pretty big secret! I kind of chose to simply drop off the grid as I couldn’t find a way of expressing the huge life change(s) I was about to face. I was waiting for something to present itself, the perfect way to tell all, but it never did. I didn’t even share it on my personal social media until after it had happened. Now, a few months down the line, I feel like it’s time to get back involved, and time to start sharing again…

The reason I dropped off the ‘gram was because I was pregnant. At the end of May (when I last posted) I was around 6 months and it had gotten to the point where it was becoming a little more challenging to conceal. As I hadn’t told many people in my personal life, I didn’t want to declare it to everyone else first. I’m pretty sure if you look over my pictures, you might be able to see a slight glimpse of a bump from certain angles! Me and my partner decided to relocate when we found out (last year!) and we actually moved out of London on the day of my last instagram post, 28 May. We now live in the midland again, 30 minutes from my parents. I had my little boy at the beginning of August and as I’m sat here typing, I’m feeding my now 3 month old!

It’s been an exhausting few months, and so much has changed since I last sat here and wrote out my goals for 2019. Some of those were achieved, some weren’t, but there was plenty of new ones I didn’t (couldn’t) write on there that I did achieve! I feel now I’m at a point where I want to return to the world of blogging and instagram, but I think my content and feed may, naturally, take on a new focus. I still love fashion, but going out shooting every weekend is no longer plausible. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely going to be sharing some fashion content, but in a new way, which I still need to figure out. Discussing my pregnancy, birth and life with a newborn is something I also really want to share. Also my knowledge and love of natural products is something I was only just starting to think about sharing previously, so I’d love to delve deeper into that.

My career aspirations in publishing are on pause for the moment and I’m okay with that. Raising my little boy is a challenging, exciting and wholesome experience that I feel privileged to be able to experience. Writing and creating content around things I enjoy, whilst sharing experiences and knowledge, are going to be my secondary focus. It’s something I’m looking forward to. The content may be less frequent than it once was, but it also may be a little more open. I’m looking forward to the journey ahead and I hope you are too.

Speak soon,